Thursday 8th August

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We are over halfway through the shed pimping now and all is going well.

Today we made the shed into giant wheelbarrow, the artists explained how longer handles will make the shed easier to move.

We started making an A frame roof for the shed.

Some YP helped make speaker boxes and finished off the bench inside.

We also moved the shed into the park to see what it would look like.

Wednesday – a fresh day of shed pimping

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Today we were all quite tired after a long day yesterday.

We continued to build the shed stage and put hinges on the shed doors.

We also completed part B of our books, some of us have now been an audience twice.


Cinema Trip- we saw RED 2

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On Tuesday, we went to the cinema to do part b of the art award. We watched red 2.

 On Wednesday, we then completed part B of our arts award.

It was a very adventourous day, we got to go to a city, on the train. When we arrived we walked to Frankie and Bennies and had a 2 course lunch.

We then went to see Red 2 at 3:10pm.

Red2 was really good, the action scenes were really good.



Monday 5th August- SHED PIMPING DAY 6!

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Today was continued to work with “silent hobo” aka wei. We re sprayed one side of the shed and worked on the inside of the shed.

We cut out stencils to do some “banksy” type work, we did smiley faces, which was suggested by Rob…

We also worked on our arts award booklets and talked about some of our art heros.

friday 2nd august- shed day 5!

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The shed is looking really good now, we have been designing graffiti, inspired by our trip to Nelson Street and have sprayed the sides of the shed with our designs.

We also looked at the time lapse filming that was taken during the day. The camera took a photo every 30 seconds, throughout the entire day! We watched it back at the end of the day.


Day 4 blog

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We arrived at court mills where i was greeted by young people and staff. Plus music staff and shed construction staff.

I made a few beats from scratch, a few songs, on the mac. I showed a yot staff member how to create a track.

Other people continued with the shed.

We had pizza for lunch.

 2 yp spat some rhymes on the tracks. It was sick.


day 3 of the summer arts project.

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morning tasks: we had made our own graffiti work after having a chat with Silent Hobo, aka wei he had gone through the main difficulties that artists have and the main tasks we were to go through in the day. we had then decided we made our own name for example Darren had chosen Ves1 he had chosen this name as his name is Darren Jeeves and he chose the last 3 letters on his second name some Y.P’s chos some good names and done alot of good work towards the end of the day.

evening tasks: after the Y.P’s had their lunch, the decided to start some painting and carry on with the Shed onn wheels project the shed is looking decent, they have been working hard today and made alot of progress they mad the flooring of the shed, some steps to get on it  and painted the walls ready for the spray paint.

Trip To Nelson Street, Bristol

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On Tuesday 30th July, we went to Nelson Street, in Bristol.

One young person said ” We were exploring the sites of Bristol and saw the graffiti. There were various types of graffiti, one was leading on to another one…. It was all on one street”

“We got a mcflurry”

“We also saw some gromet sculputes, they are all over bristol”

“I liked the lady and the baby because it was realistic”

“I liked the one above the cafe, I didn’t even realise it was graffiti, I just thought it was a picture”

“I liked the ones that must have been dangerous to do, like standing on the edge of a building”

Pimp My Shed

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Welcome to our blog, to tell the world about how awesome the summer arts project is.

Today was day 1 of summer arts, we worked with Ollie to continue construting the base of the shed. We used hand saws, drills, allan keys and tape measures.
We also worked with the music matter team to create music for inside the shed.

Lunch was epic.

It rained. ALOT.