day 3 of the summer arts project.

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morning tasks: we had made our own graffiti work after having a chat with Silent Hobo, aka wei he had gone through the main difficulties that artists have and the main tasks we were to go through in the day. we had then decided we made our own name for example Darren had chosen Ves1 he had chosen this name as his name is Darren Jeeves and he chose the last 3 letters on his second name some Y.P’s chos some good names and done alot of good work towards the end of the day.

evening tasks: after the Y.P’s had their lunch, the decided to start some painting and carry on with the Shed onn wheels project the shed is looking decent, they have been working hard today and made alot of progress they mad the flooring of the shed, some steps to get on it  and painted the walls ready for the spray paint.